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Before beginning the process it is necessary to conduct a preliminary diagnosis to be sure it really is a problem of osmotic type. 

Symptoms of osmosis on your boat: 

Presence of blisters on the surface of the vessel with liquid inside. 

The blister fluid is sticky and smells like vinegar. 

Appearance of small cracks, very fine holes, white fibers near the surface or protruding. 

Our repair and disposal process of osmosis.

Reparaciones Tous Nautica removes all layers affected by osmosis, drying the fiber with a system of dehumidifiers, ensuring the correct process of drying the fiber using hygrometer and finally recover the protection of fiber systems epoxies most recommended. We also make partial or total laminates, depending on the depth and severity the process of osmosis may have weaken the structural strength of the hull. 

1. Osmosis is clearly visible in this case.                           2. Using the gelplane, stripping the hull is made.

prevencion-osmosis      tratamiento-osmosis 


3. The hygrometer helps us evaluate the fiber condition   4. Wet blasting opens the pores of the fiber.

 medidor de humedad osmosis       chorreo arenado en humedo


5. During the drying dehumidifiers we check periodically   6. Protection scheme with flake epoxy fiberglass.


 periodo de evaluacion     proteccion-epoxy


7. We continue the process of coating with 100% epoxy schemes.


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