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We offer repairs of vessels in fiber.

Cooking process of dismantling manufacturing and assembly work Topcoat.

desmonte-cocina  fabricacion-montaje-cocina montaje-final-cocina

Repair bath

Initial state                                                 restore process                                         finished Work

estado inicial del bano  proceso-restaurancion-bano  bano-trabajo-finalizado

Other types of work performed by Nautica Tous Repairs:

Restoration Fiction

restauracion-fiction-1 restauracion-fiction-2  

Restoration of Mondragon

Restauracion-mondragon-1 restauracion-mondragon-2

Repair Sunsec

reparacion del sunsec reparacion del sunsec-2 

Repair some of the bows of a Doc Holiday

reparacion-proas-doc-holiday reparacion-proas-hoc-holiday-2





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